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Can you own an alligator in north carolina
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Illinois is one of them. Florida allows you to own them but you must be licensed and have a permit to do so. You better have a lot of space. How much space? Adult males can grow to be 11 ft in length. Not sure how big that is? If the alligator could balance on the tip of his tail, his nose would most likely be poking your ceiling. They eat a lot. Are you ready to put that amount of meat on your grocery list?

An alligator is just an alligator. You cannot domesticate an alligator. They can be kind of selfish when it comes to food. If you like to dress up your pets, an alligator is probably not the right pet for you. If you want to lay on an alligator in the open water, you should probably get the inflatable kind Alligators get annoyed when you try to put them in your family Christmas card.

After going through a gift shop, visitors can walk around the park at will. Interspersed between the big cat enclosures are a carousel, picnic area and petting zoos. Scottie Brown owns the place. Brown decided to open Zootastic because he wanted to expand his collection.

Apart from ticket sales, Zootastic funds its business by breeding some of their animals. Sometimes they sell the newborns, other times they include the young in their animal encounter package.

Guests can pay for more intimate, interactive encounters with animals like lemurs, kangaroos, or big-cat cubs. A license from the USDA is required to trade or exhibit exotic animals. In the exotic animal community, the USDA serves as a kind of entry-level accreditation to operate a zoo. It sets standards like the size of the enclosure, veterinary care, and basic animal welfare and public safety. It’s hard sometimes for them to be consistent and how they enforce it.

All were corrected by the follow-up inspections. In line with recent moves relaxing regulation on ownership of exotic animals, the Trump administration is considering having USDA inspections occur only every three years instead of annually. Brown says that is a threat to his business and to other private zoos. Both owners believe that the state of North Carolina should further regulate ownership of exotic animals. Earlier this year, two state representatives from Iredell County introduced a bill to limit exotic animal ownership to USDA licensed facilities, but it stalled in the Senate.

Versions of a regulatory bill are offered up every few years, sometimes after a tragedy. Search Query Show Search. Special Coverage. WUNC Music. Show Search Search Query. Play Live Radio. Next Up:. North Carolina Statutes 19A to 19A Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service regulated pen-raised quail raised for food. Wildlife Resources Commission regulates the possession and transport of live ones.

PERMIT Scientific Wildlife Collection License issued to take wildlife resources for scientific collection collect to conduct scientific research or survey , educational collection collect to provide instruction, training or information to public or snapping turtle collection collect snapping turtles for sale. North Carolina Statutes Take, possession, transport, buying, sale, import and export of live wildlife only allowed if authorized.

North Carolina Statutes , BANS keeping wild-caught American alligators alive. See Aquaculture for commercial use. BANS release. BANS take, possession, transport, sale, barter, trade, exchange, export and giving away animals on protected wild animal list federal and state listed native endangered and threatened species and special concern species.


Can you own an alligator in north carolina.Alligators in North Carolina

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Question: Can You Own An Alligator In North Carolina? – benefits of river to man.

The burning of fossil fuels See stories by Josie Taris. Share on twitter. Videos 2. His name is Payton. The Center opened to the public inafter taking in a number of big cats from a shuttered zoo in Ohio three years earlier. More Stories.


– Lions, tigers, bears: Perfectly legal as pets in some parts of NC

› law › only-four-states-have-no-rules-for-owning-an-exoti. It might surprise you to know that in North Carolina you can own a boa constrictor, a monkey, a lemur as a pet. All those are legal in the state.

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