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How many alligator attacks at disney world
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The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page. Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. Fun Outdoor Ventures. Florida has about 1. Disney World sits almost smack-bang in the center of Florida and alligator country.

But are alligators a problem at Disney World? Since the horrific death of toddler Lane Graves at Disney World in , alligators have received much negative publicity. Alligators are a problem at Disney World because of its location in Florida and the lakes that form part of the park.

Disney has removed about alligators since the tragedy. Due to the vast alligator population in Florida and the many bodies around Disney World, alligators will be an ongoing issue at the parks. In addition, alligators are protected by law as a threatened species, so Disney has to work with the U. S Fish and Wildlife Commission to manage nuisance alligators rather than hunting them all.

It would be ideal if all alligators and all humans could live in perfect harmony with one another. Many people are terrified of these creatures, and with their sharp, gnashing teeth, they look very fierce and scary. And alligators are wild. Wherever there is water and food, they will set up camp, and there is plenty at Disney world.

The tragedy in was not the first alligator attack at Disney World. The little boy was playing tetherball with his siblings. He wandered off to a pond near the campsite to observe some ducks when an alligator grabbed him. His family rushed him to the hospital, receiving treatment for lacerations on his leg.

Fortunately, the child made a full recovery. Wildlife officials shot and killed the 7-foot culprit. Although there have been no other gator attacks until , in , a Disney World visitor spotted one lurking in the waters near Splash Mountain. The park authorities shut down the Rivers of America section until Gatorland handlers caught the intruder. In , another Disney World visitor spotted a baby alligator basking in the sun in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom. Though this size animal is harmless, the question must be asked: where are its parents?

It was somewhere around 8. Little Lane Thomas Graves was standing in the ankle-deep water, bending over to scoop some into his bucket. Reportedly, the alligator grabbed the toddler in a predatory manner , consistent with how the reptiles usually hunt.

The attack was completely unprovoked. The Seven Seas Lagoon is not an ideal habitat for alligators but is also not wholly unsuitable. The water is clear and deep and only becomes shallow just before the shore. One visitor had spotted the reptile from his hotel balcony around an hour before the attack.

He pointed out the reptile to a Disney employee. When he saw some children in the shallows, he left to go and warn them, but the alligator took Lane before he could get there. Another tourist on the beach reported that her daughter told a Disney movie coordinator. About seeing the alligator close to the shore at about 8.

The family went into a store, where they still were when the creature attacked the toddler. Disney World now has signs warning patrons of alligators and snakes near the beaches and waterways. The company also works with trappers to remove nuisance alligators from the grounds. A nuisance alligator is at least four feet long and a threat to people or their pets. One fatal attack is one too many, and any alligator bite is also more than there should be. The fact that so many are regularly removed from the area proves it is a problem.

Although people and alligators are not natural enemies, wild animals will vacation or live where they will and are not too bothered about the property belonging to humans.

Unfortunately, to live in Florida means to live with gators, and Disney World must and does attempt to manage the critters as best they can.

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How many alligator attacks at disney world –

Sapp said there have been three fatal alligator attacks since in Florida and no reported bite incidents at Disney since Lane’s death. Since then, there have no been alligator attacks on Disney guests — thank goodness. But that doesn’t mean that Disney World’s waterways have.


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