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Do abandoned buildings have electricity
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A slice of life full of meaning, and an Aussie made gem to boot. So my band is looking to do an underground show, and we were looking to do it an abandoned buildings in the city or urban environments like that. The issue is of course, that the buildings don’t have any power, and generators are kinda expensive to hire Or just anywhere in general in the city thats abandoned Lol this will end well.

Zen Apathy. They aren’t “Abandoned” buildings they are vacant. We’ve also got a filming permit from Brisbane city council, so as long as we film the sets and alert the businesses around the place we’re sweet I’d to love to hire a hall man, but being a jobless 18 year old who plays in a punk band, that may be somewhat difficult.

Mammoth offices seem like they might be abandoned atm. Go work at Maccers or HJ’s or something for a month and save up the cash to hire it out. Totally Punk man. Even better break into the entertainment centre and do it there for bulk meta irony! How much power do you need? Cause I have a 4. Go into the country and hire a hall, cheap as chips.

Because of security reasons I cannot afford to set up shop in-house, however there are plenty of abandoned “structures” in woody areas and such around my town. Can any of you see any security issues with this, maybe? Chances of a random person coming in to most of these places are More importantly though, I’m not sure how I’m gonna get electricity to it.

Pretty sure that there are no ways to be self-sufficient without cords or anything, I guess? I was considering a very, very long extension cord buried beneath the ground covertly plugged into the closest house. It is quite possible that this closest house could be a friend of mine, which will help facilitate that although this may, actually, not be possible.

Joined: Jun 17, Messages: 81 Likes Received: Just a warning if you do go through with this: If it does get discovered, I wouldn’t be surprised if they followed the cord to where the power comes from. Besides that, use a thicker guage cord, and for added protection surround it in either some pvc pipe to shelter it from moisture and dirt, or buy some of the metal coil stuff that’s meant for wires.

Joined: Jul 1, Messages: Likes Received: EDIT: in hindsight, i came off like a prick, but i sincerely wasn’t trying to be. Joined: Jul 30, Messages: 13 Likes Received: Might be able to get you some electricity and recharge the batteries mmost of the day..

Joined: Jun 26, Messages: 34 Likes Received: Im gonna have to agree with chemicalcomfort. This is a bizarre idea for a grow operation, which includes ideas takin from a recent movie? If your gonna take growin some herb seriously, then seriously think about it. If you do live with mom and pops, then maybe you need to find a buddy whos got the “cool” parents and use his house with some good knowledge.

Then you can be smokin some good shit without having to travel to your love shack. Can you people not understand that this is just a curiosity. WTF just because I mentiton a recent movie as a joke and clearly as a joke, “assuming that that movie gave a rat’s ass about legitimacy” hmm does not mean that I am inspired by it or anything, let’s just assume, also for hypothetical, that I am not some 11 year old kid with an IQ of 50, OK GUYZ?!

Sheesh, maybe I should have put this in Advanced Growing. As a side I am seriously contemplating this wind power system, it’s been ridiculously hard to find small wind turbines but I’m thinking that for a whole set up cords, generator, turbine , I could fuel Not exactly sure if it is worth the investment.

Joined: Jul 17, Messages: 73 Likes Received: Joined: Oct 30, Messages: 6, Likes Received: 2,



– 6 Tips for Photographing Abandoned Places | Olympus Cameras, Audio & Binoculars

› blog › vacant-building-maintenance-why-electric. Likely the property owner continues to pay the minimal cost of keeping it powered — in the hopes of preserving value so that they may be able. As far as the power staying on, it’s both to help ward off potential intruders by making it look as though the building is still getting use, as.


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