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Asheville dog academy reviews
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Request your Asheville, NC dog training demo today! We strive to not just teach the dog obedience commands or behavioral modification, but to make sure these obedience commands and behavioral modification work for the owner when the trainer is not there. Scott is amazing with the dogs and teaching me how to use each command as tools to help Koa become more confident. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our professional services at prices that are budget friendly.


– Soul Mutt – Good Dogs Change Lives


Rebecca handles our private lessons and group classes at the academy. Rebecca is well organized, strongly committed and has unwavering calm demeanor. Kinsey is a training instructor at Asheville Dog Academy.

She grew up attending field trials and caring for dogs at PineKone Kennels with her father and grandfather, a co-founder of the United States Complete Shooting Dog Association. After rescuing her dog, Daisy, who struggled with reactivity, Kinsey began to study dog training and spend all of her free time working with Daisy. This helped her recognize her love for working with dogs and improving quality of life for dog owners. After realizing that dog training was a career that she wanted to pursue, Kinsey enrolled in a professional dog training certification course and graduated with distinction.

Kinsey is very knowledgeable and a great communicator. Kinsey has been a top notch addition to our super team!! Meet The Team. About Chris Chris has been a lifelong animal lover and professional dog trainer for over 20 years. About Violet Violet is in charge of keeping the business running smoothly.

Having raised over a thousand puppies as a globally respected Belgian Malinois breeder, trained tens of thousands of dogs, and having won 15 National Championships and 2 World Championships as a dog sport competitor give Ivan unparalleled credentials and an extremely unique perspective on dogs and dog training.

At present, there are many different schools of thought regarding dog training. The internet is flooded with free training that is leading dog trainers and dog owners down paths that not only do not solve problems, but usually lead to more. These approaches are incomplete and inferior ways of training dogs.

It is a revolutionary new approach that does not rely on the widely accepted treat training, where the dog perceives its trainer as a food dispenser.

It is a radically different concept, that encourages Dog and Trainer to interact as fellow creatures. Such interaction places a strong emphasis on cooperation, willingness, and compliance with much higher level of motivation.

The result is obvious, even to the untrained eye — confident and eager dogs that perform commands because they want to and not because they must. They have been trained to appreciate and understand that dogs are born genetically pre-programmed by nature with certain behaviors desirable or not , which are impossible to eliminate. Each has agreed to the TWC Code of Ethics, which outlines best practices as an independent dog training professional.

They are caring and professional, the results they achieved with our Bichon Frise were unbelievable. My wife and I travel a great deal and we needed our dog to be able to adjust to airports, restaurants, crowds and unfamiliar surroundings. They were successful in achieving all of our goals. She is perfectly well behaved and I attribute this completely to the work and training that Chris did with our dog. We checked into a few different training facilities before deciding on Asheville Dog Academy, but I am convinced we made the best decision and I whole heartedly recommend Chris and Violet and Asheville Dog Academy to any one looking to have their dog humanely trained for the behaviors that are desirable for interaction with family and public.

State of the art training collar, 30ft long leash and ecollar included. Puppy Primer For puppies under 6 months of age So you just brought home your new furry bundle of love. In-Home Dog Training Limited Availability For dogs older than 6 months of age Would you like to save gas, time, and have the convenience of a professional dog trainer come to your home to show you how to get the best behavior possible from your dog?

Custom tailored programs to meet the goals your wanting to accomplish with your pup. Must be within 15 miles or an additional travel fee. Would you rather relax while you allow a pro to do all the hard work it takes to train your dog? COME 3. SIT with Stay 4. DOWN with Stay 5. PLACE 7. FREE release word for any command Call us Now! Call: Pin It on Pinterest. Her parents just had a newborn and needed a pup they could manage better.

Luna has done amazing and her parents are loving her new transformation. Bernese Mountain Dog mix Daisy came to us with reactivity at strangers who would come to the house and approach the car. She went through an amazing transformation and now her parents get to enjoy and her handle her with much more ease.

Brussels Griffon Boris would lose his mind anytime he was on leash and would see another dog. His leash reactivity was very intense and his parents were embarrassed by his behavior. Check out this video of Boris working around plenty of dog distractions and being a great boy! Goldendoodle The Dude came to us because he would go crazy wanting to pull towards and greet everyone he saw.

His parents also wanted a great recall and the ability to have him hang out with them and be more relaxed. The Dude has done awesome!! His parents are enjoying him so much more now! Check out this video of The Dude strolling around through Asheville Outlets. Yorkie mix Gracie came to us as a high energy pup who need more structure in her life.

She would bounce off the furniture, pull on the leash, jumping on people, and just had typical nuisance type puppy behaviors. After going through the training program she had a complete transformation and her mom has been thrilled with the results. Check out Gracie showing off her obedience in public. Bellatheia came to us from out of state.


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