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How far north do alligators live in georgia – how far north do alligators live in georgia
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Mar 02,  · A roughly foot, pound alligator was recently found in an irrigation ditch, officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said this week. The massive . How far north in Georgia are alligators? There are approximately ,, alligators in the state of Georgia. Alligators occur from the southern tip of Texas to the northeastern part of . May 20,  · Georgia is no different, especially with how cold it can get further north in the region during the winter. As a general rule, alligators in Georgia can be found south of the .

How far north do alligators live in georgia – how far north do alligators live in georgia


Historically, alligators are not known to withstand winters as far north as the Atlanta area, instead preferring the southern half of the state, but other species have been migrating northward, including armadillos, coyotes, nutria and feral hogs. The alligator shies away from contact with people, park service officials said two years ago. As long as that continues, they will not remove it.

Gator takes up residence in Atlanta-area river. Show Caption. Hide Caption. The tail is about one half the body length. Characteristically broad snout. Upper jaw is wider than lower jaw and completely overlaps it so that the edge of upper jaw overlaps teeth in lower jaw. Bottom teeth are almost completely hidden when the mouth is closed. This is in contrast to crocodiles, in which the lower teeth are visible outside of the upper jaw. Juveniles are darker in color with bright yellow cross-bands.

Aging brings the gradual loss of the banding and the alligator will turn olive brown and black, with some areas around the jaws and neck a creamy white.

The ventral surface of the body is pale. Adults usually have teeth. New teeth grow to replace lost or damaged ones. Small, sensory pits dotted around the upper and lower jaws can detect small pressure changes in water and assist in locating and capturing prey.

The American alligator has sensory pits that detect changes in water to find prey. Adults are opportunistic feeders and their diet consists of nearly any aquatic or terrestrial prey that comes within range. This includes fish, turtles, small mammals, birds and reptiles, and even smaller alligators.

Juvenile diet consists of small invertebrates, particularly insects, as well as small fish and frogs. Foraging will cease when water temperature drops below about 68 degrees F 20 degrees C. Occurs in the Southeastern U. Found primarily in freshwater swamps and marshes, as well as in rivers, lakes and smaller bodies of water.

Individuals also can be encountered in ditches, drainage canals, subdivision waterways, golf course ponds and roadways. This species can tolerate low levels of salinity for short periods and is occasionally found in brackish water around mangrove swamps. Elaborate courtship ritual involving low-frequency bellowing, head-slapping on the surface of the water, complex body posturing, touching and release of musk-like scents.

Fertilization is internal. Female builds a mound nest of vegetation and mud that is elevated above any high water mark. She digs a conical nest on top, deposits eggs in it and then covers them with vegetation.

The female remains nearby during the day incubation period, defending the nest from predators. The chirping of the new hatchlings brings the mother back to the nest and she carries them, eight to ten at a time, in her mouth down to the water. Hatchlings form pods and remain close to the mother for about one year or more. She aggressively protects them from all predators, particularly large dominant male alligators.


How far north do alligators live in georgia – how far north do alligators live in georgia. Are There Alligators in Georgia? (Where?)

An estimated , American alligators live in Georgia. They occur south of the “fall line,” which runs roughly from Columbus through Macon to Augusta. Any. No, alligators are not found in northern Alabama or northern Georgia. According to this map, the American alligator is only native to the central and coastal.


How far north do alligators live in georgia – how far north do alligators live in georgia. Gator takes up residence in Atlanta-area river

Gators can also be found in some less likely locations such as farm ponds and suburban backyards.

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