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Is charleston sc a bad place to live – is charleston sc a bad place to live
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Towards north has more safe areas like the Upper Dorchester Rd. This neighborhood is hardly a place for safe walking or biking, and night times come with pockets of crimes at various alleyways. Not only independent women travelers, but even residents also avoid moving around at nights, especially alone. One’s chance of being a victim of either property or violent crime is 1 in In half a decade, on average, violent crime has only risen while property crime has fallen. The violent crime rate rose from It dropped slightly to For property crime, from Overall, the crime rate in this neighborhood is said to be greater than in Unlike in the early 90s, alleyways and street corners are hardly sandwiched by people.

So day time and night time bike strolls can be done safely by visiting men and women traveling alone. You can walk about with wads of cash and not feel threatened as the police in the neighborhood are visible. The hotels nearby come highly recommended for their safety measures. Formally known as west of the Ashley, coined from the fact that this place is the west of the Ashley River.

There is an estimate of 82, people in this area. West Ashley, though not free of crime, has one of the fewest records of incidents.

There were strings of car break-ins, burglaries, and double homicides. There were shootings, and a couple of teenagers were murdered. The police are usually up and about in this neighborhood, and it is tough to see crime pass by without action plans. In , the police department had files of car break-ins registered, of which 52 guns were reported stolen.

Is Charleston, SC safe? Recent criminal incidents in are far apart so exploring from place to place is safe. The residents favor bike riding. Nighttime is also safe and can be explored with solo traveling women having little fear of safety.

The public transportation axis has no recent record on pickpockets or panhandlers, so your cash and wallet are safe on you. There are safety tags also on hotels nearby. The total crime rate is 36 per 1, residents which is one of the highest in the US compared to similar-sized communities. In , a total of 1, crimes were reported, and 1, were property crimes alone. The property crime rate per 1, residents in this neighborhood, thus, is During public transits, there are fewer chances of being robbed of cash or pickpocketed.

However, there are higher chances of your vehicle or personal property being hijacked. The police visibility helps, but crime still happens regardless. Residents speak well about safety in exploring the district at day time and also night time, so women traveling alone can feel at ease. There are more hotels recommended for their security alertness than not. This area of Charleston has a total population of 2, with a partly equal number of male to female ratio.

One of the best options is to head out toward Mount Pleasant, where the acre estate was founded in It has made several movie appearance, grows its own produce, and then you can make your way over to Boone Hall Farms Market to enjoy the rewards.

The Ordinary offers a fantastic seafood and oyster bar, one of several you can enjoy from the area. Then grab the fried green tomatoes from 82 Queen, along with their shrimp and grits, for a small sampling of what the area provides. Flooding is a common issue in Charleston. If your house is located in a designated flood zone, then your insurance costs are going to be much higher than you might estimate. Hurricanes can be a problem in Charleston. Keep an eye on the sky during the summer months to see if thunderheads start to build, and then take cover as needed to protect yourself.

Hurricanes Matthew, Irma, and Floyd all caused significant problems for the city and the rest of the stand when they made landfall. The tax situation in Charleston can be less than favorable for some families. Clothing in Charleston and the rest of South Carolina is subject to a tax rate of 8. The city even taxes your purchases at a restaurant at a rate of There are the state income tax issues to consider when living in Charleston, SC as well.

There is no differentiation between filing statuses here. Get ready for the bugs when you live in the city. Charleston benefits from some coastal breezes that can keep the biting insects away, but it is only a temporary reprieve.

Mosquitoes can be especially problematic at dusk during the summer months. The wildlife around the city can sometimes be dangerous. There are alligators that live in and around the Charleston area. South Carolina receives about complaints about these animals each year. About half of the reports involve individuals that are less than five feet in length and weigh 22 pounds or less. Most of them dine on small snakes, turtles, and crawfish. It is the adult animals that are problematic, reaching lengths of 13 feet.

If you encounter an alligator when living in the city, then keep a safe distance from the animal. Do not feed them either — it makes them bolder. Then stay away from babies because the mother is likely close by. Get used to construction being in your face when living in Charleston. Because of the salty air, flooding issues, and lowland nature of the city, road construction is a constant way of life when living in Charleston. Some areas of the surrounding metro area are outgrowing their capacity because of how popular this region is right now, which means your quick commute can be surprisingly long sometimes.

There are many homebuilding activities occurring throughout the region as well, along with other projects that can interrupt your daily routine. The idea of unsweetened iced tea is one that will bring you some dirty looks when you start living in this city. When will the bubble burst? I know a great deal that hope it does not ever.

It will. Be patient. Also, look at the cost of goods compared to the average per capita income of the region and state. We are a bit unbalanced.

Cost of Living in Charleston. Unpredictable weather — To the east, clouds, thunder and lightning; to the west, blue skies.

As a convertible owner, weather can be a friend and a brutal enemy. Expect the unexpected. Of course, we are a hurricane spot. Though we have not had a major since , the threat and the affects have been experienced here in Charleston. Letter to Charleston Drivers. Construction issues — It is abundant and not going away anytime soon. Some projects may go on for months or longer.

Jobs and Education — I am happy to report that the growth of the tech sector and the expanding world of Boeing has added a number of key jobs in this community taking us out of the old hospitality and sales culture, but there is still room for growth and still some challenges faced by many to find strong career opportunities.

Research your schools first before making a decision to choose a certain district. Charleston Education System. Charleston Daily is a concept in community. Its mission is to promote, assist, and celebrate in everything Charleston, South Carolina.

By partnering with businesses, community leaders, volunteers and events, we are spreading the love that is Charleston. As this city continues to grow and prosper, we want to help spread the message to all about how wonderful this community is. Charleston is about the people, community, water, land, history, heritage and the true southern warmth it brings with each and every day. Good article. I moved here about 5 yrs ago and agree w all you said.

There is more violance than I expected or am used to living with. Losing Morris Sokol — what a tragedy. Glad I found a beautiful metal bed frame to remind me of the store. I agree. I have lived here for 27 years and have met the most incredible people I have ever known.

However, I met all these people years ago. The social climate has changed so much that I do not even try anymore. I have my core of friends that I love, but going out and meeting new people is not priority. It was a given that I met someone new and interesting every time I went out. Some changes have been good, but a lot have been bad. I see a much more narcissistic world out there now.

The culture here is toxic. If you are single stay away you will be lonely and everyone will treat you like a weirdo being the dude flying solo. Perhaps the reason for all of your complaints escapes you. Note: In particular the articles main point, we have a lot of [non-Southerners] Yankees and Westerners coming here and with them their nasty temperament and anti-Southern rhetoric and dislike….. I live in the Moncks Corner area today, but have worked in and around Charleston for over 38 years.

Having lived here since , a North Carolina transplant, I have always experienced a greater portion of good while visiting and working in Charleston than I have of the negativity that seems to haunt you so terribly…. Personally, those that I have found it hard to like and or befriend of the Charleston inhabitants are White Liberal smugs. A lot of which are Yankees who come here to bastardize our beloved Southern Heritage and make demands that we strip down our traditions….

You are correct, we have so many non Southerners here now that we are losing our heritage. It is quite a shame. Jeffrey, lets talk about that dumpster fire in Moncks Corner you live in. I grew up in Hanahan, not only is it one of the safest communities in the area, it has the best public schools.

Kings Street is nothing but bars and businesses these days as the article pointed out. People of color have been forced out of downtown and into N Charleston by rising property values. A process know as gentrification. Most of them are nice, hard working people. You paint them all with the same brush. Keep your inbred mouth out of these things, all you do is misinform people.

Not only people of color are being forced out of Charleston. I was born in Mount Pleasant and spent most of my life in Awendaw where my family has been for over years. I will never be able to afford to own a house in Charleston.

In my 31 years on this earth, which is nothing in the big scheme of things , Charleston has lost its allure. People move here because they like it, then its not what theyre used to, so they want it to change. I could not have said it better myself! Now, if only they would move back from where they came!! Well pops this poster is a Yankee. I was forced to transfer to this place or lise my job. Within the first month I fired three employees. I hired transplants to take their places and things running smoothly after 4 months.

Late Cletus. Feel like the airs been taken out of my sails. To hell with that. Interesting article, and on point, but you might want to also mention and expound upon the flooding problem.

I am not aware of any infrastructure initiatives in Charleston to get large amounts of surface water underground, and there are thousands of new homes being planned…. One nice thing about the Charleston area….

I wish we knew this 13 years ago. Everything in the article is true and getting worse by the day. By all means……. We dont want you here even more than you dont want to be here. By all means if you hate the way we drive and the way you have been treated by the True Charlestonian please leave. And if you really do decide to leave take a Starbucks with you. It saddens me to read all of these comments.

I was planning on moving my family to Charleston from the North. Not all Northerners apply to this.. I wanted to move South to give my children a better, slower, way of life. Very Sad. It is sad. I moved here seven months ago. It was our dream to live here one day. Now i am questioning our choice.

To this day, still not a neighbor has come to welcome us. My husband has met a few men neighbors, but the women act like we dont even exist. We have lived in many places, Charlotte, waxhaw, Holden Beach, and NY and this is theonlyplace where i cannot connect. And i even am active volunteering for service. Feel a little better knowing it is not me and not to take it personally. After 20 years… and much effort..

Lived all over the country but unless A true native.. Great people but surface. California was easier. It is lovely, developer driven and beauty treatment big Business. You definitely hit a home run with the racism observation. Sarcasm intended. I left because of many of the reasons you stated. The traffic has become a major problem, but some of these other things i do not totally agree with.

Crime in Chatleston is mostly driven my black gang members. Home invasions, car jacking, assaults, murders are usually black on black and black on white. Savannah is no different. You address that and everything else takes care of itself. Absolutely……Not to mention the smug White Yankee liberals who come down here with an attitude. The term bastardizing the south was a direct hit on the head of the nail. I moved here from my moms uterus 28 years ago.

Thanks mom. Obviously you have not been too many other cities. Go to Jacksonville the construction is horrific traffic is horrible in the crime is just as bad. For those people that hate it so much. Please leave and make room for the people that love it so much.

Some of the complaints mentioned are true but they in no way take away from the beauty and charm of my life South of Broad. We call Charleston the Boston of the south and enjoy the food, cobble streets, churches, shopping, harbour, beaches and yes charm of the population of Charleston.

You make of your life and surroundings what you want so find the good of the area. I live on St. Philip Street and watched how this city changed in the past years. As for the racism problem I experienced head on everyday I walk down King Street going to work. Hell I make very good money at my job, I wear nothing but the best clothing yet I still get treated like a dam slave!

I dont believe your comment. Actual Charleston natives dont have a problem with the blacks who are from Charleston. We just dont like people who move here. I have been hoping and trying to move to Charleston most of my adult life and, finally, I might have the chance.

This comment worries me. Is this truly a cultural norm here? You have understated the tax issue. Income tax, High sales tax, car tax, boat tax, property tax, personal property tax, business tax, gas tax, food tax, alcohol tax, hotel tax, on and on yet they always want more. Our roads are in poor condition and our public services are less than impressive. Where is the money going? Good question.. And a gozilliondollar curved building at town hall to impress more people into coming and clogging up the air space….

Unfortunately its exactly as the article describes and getting ready to be worse…sell your house while its hot. I have lived in the Charleston area all my life 25 years , and the congestion of the area has gotten out of hand. So many people are trying to move here, that big corporations are trying to get approval to fill in the marsh land to build more apartments.



Areas to Avoid in Charleston SC and Best Neighborhoods to Stay.

One of my new coworkers mentioned that for her the most surprising thing about moving to Charleston is the slow pace of life. Now, the crime in this neighborhood is distinctly property crime. West Ashley is a great place to live if you cahrleston to be close to both the city and the coast without having to sacrifice one or the other.


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