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List of countries by area – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.The largest countries in the world by area


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– Largest Countries in the World


Can the iphone 11 case fit the iphone 13? How much is fitness fee in jamaica? What size square will fit in a circle calculator? Will the holosun k fit the glock 43x mos? What is the 30 minute circuit at planet fitness? Will a iphone 13 screen protector fit an iphone 12? How many racoons can fit in your bum? Niue New Zealand. Akrotiri and Dhekelia United Kingdom. Saint Pierre and Miquelon France.

Cook Islands New Zealand. American Samoa United States. Marshall Islands. Aruba Netherlands. British Virgin Islands United States. Wallis and Futuna France. Christmas Island Australia. Jersey United Kingdom. Montserrat United Kingdom. Anguilla United Kingdom. Guernsey United Kingdom. San Marino. Saint Martin France.

Bermuda United Kingdom. Pitcairn Islands United Kingdom. Norfolk Island Australia. Sint Maarten Netherlands. Macau China. Sint Eustatius Netherlands. Cocos Keeling Islands Australia. Russia is the largest country in the world with a total area of approximately Russia is approximately 1.

Canada is slightly larger than the US. Canada is followed closely by the United States of America , which has a total surface area of 9. However, only 9. The rest of the area is covered in water.

However, when it comes to total land area, China is slightly larger than the US, covering approximately 9. Brazil and Australia are the 5th and 6th largest countries with total areas of about 8. India is slightly over one-third the size of the US. Argentina, Kazakhstan and Algeria complete the list of the world’s ten largest countries, with surface areas of 2. Only about 43, km 2 of Argentina’s surface area is covered by water, while Kazakhstan water bodies cover a total area of 25, km 2.

Algeria has no water area. Argentina and Kazakhstan’s combined area is slightly larger than one-half of the US.

Algeria is slightly less than 3. Countries worldwide can be ranked using different indices, including total surface area, land area, population, population density, size of the economy, and so much more. It is not a secret that China and the US have always competed for leadership in world affairs, with each aiming to outdo the other. One of the areas that will remain a topic of debate as long as the two countries exist is; “which is the larger country?

The US has a total area of approximately 9. It is closely followed by China, with a total surface area of approximately 9. The total surface area includes land area and water surface. However, China has an edge over the US when it comes to total land area.

Largest island in the world, largest territory in the Kingdom of Denmark , and the largest inhabited non-sovereign territory in the world. Saudi Arabia. Largest country in Western Asia. Second-largest in the Arab world after Algeria.

Second-largest Spanish-speaking country by area after Argentina ; largest Spanish-speaking country by number of speakers. Transcontinental country located in Asia and Oceania. Largest country in Southeast Asia.

Largest archipelagic state in the world by area and population. Third-largest country in Africa and third-largest in the Arab world. Second-largest landlocked country and largest that does not border a closed sea.

Third-largest Spanish -speaking country and third-largest country in South America. Third-largest landlocked country and largest outside of Asia. Fifth-largest country in Africa. Largest country in West Africa. South Africa. Largest country in Southern Africa. Largest country in East Africa. Transcontinental country located in Asia and Africa.

South Sudan. Figures include metropolitan France in Europe as well as the five overseas regions. This does not include New Caledonia an autonomous sui generis collectivity , the five autonomous overseas collectivities , and the two uninhabited territories the French Southern Territories and Clipperton Island which are listed individually, although also part of the French Republic. Figures include Somaliland. Central African Republic. Second-largest country in Europe after Russia.

The largest country entirely within Europe. Largest island country in Africa and 2nd largest island country in the world. The second largest country in the Arabian Peninsula. France metropolitan.

Metropolitan France the part of France located in Europe. Papua New Guinea. Third-largest island country in the world. Largest country in Northern Europe. Third-largest member state of European Union. Does not include the disputed Western Sahara , shown separately.

Largest island country in East Asia and the world’s 4th largest island country. Largest country in Central Europe. Before the German reunification , West Germany was , 95, and East Germany was , 41, Norway mainland.

Mainland Norway , excluding Jan Mayen , Svalbard , and the dependencies. Ivory Coast. Burkina Faso. New Zealand. Western Sahara. Disputed territory. Administration is split between Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic , both of which claim the entire territory.

United Kingdom. Only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Largest landlocked country in Europe. Smallest country in South America. Largest country in the Himalayan range. Largest country in Central America. North Korea. Largest country in the West Indies.

South Korea. The largest former Yugoslav and Serbo-Croatian -speaking country. Includes Kosovo. Largest country in Caucasus. United Arab Emirates. Czech Republic. Transcontinental country in North America and South America. Sierra Leone. The figure shown is for the Republic of Ireland ; the island of Ireland is 84, km 2 or 32, sq mi. Sri Lanka. Svalbard Norway. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Costa Rica.

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