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City with most black population in us
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City with most black population in us. Oh no, there’s been an error

Premium statistics. New Haven. Florida has the second largest population at 3. A major reason why this omst is due to the contributions of nonwhite racial and ethnic groups who continue to find cities attractive destinations.


– City with most black population in us


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The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page. Manage Settings Continue with Recommended Cookies. For us, we immediately figured it’d have to be somewhere in the South — while it’s trending away from it, the majority of the African American population in America lives in the south. Seems like that would have a better chance than a smaller city of being more diverse.

The city with the largest percentage of African Americans? Jackson, MS. Here’s a look at the top ten big cities in America with the largest black population:. Our intuition served us pretty well with one big old glaring exception at the top — Detroit. Detroit has been a predominately African American city for years. It’s an economic hub in the Midwest for African Americans.

Read on to see how we calculated the most African American cities in America based on the most recent Census data. So here we go all the way to our blackest city in America, Jackson Mississippi. The capital of Mississippi has a black population that is Jackson is also growing its African American population. Now, let’s compare Jackson Mississippi to Jackson, Wyoming, the little city we talked about earlier.

Like all of the other cities in our list, Jackson has a storied history within the African American community. Civil rights leader Charles Evers is from Jackson. Musician Bo Diddley is from Jackson. Oh man we gotta haul this time. We just got word that our second blackest city in America is Detroit.. Detroit has several interesting facts. First, it’s Additionally, it’s the only city north of the Mason Dixon line to be on this list.

Lastly, Detroit has by far the biggest overall number of black Americans of any other city at , Detroit has Motown Records, which was a predominately African American music label in the 60s.

Not too far away from Detroit is Battle Creek, Michigan , home to many large cereal factories. We’re gonna hop back in the car as we take a stroll to our next blackest city in America, Birmingham, Alabama.

In Birmingham, the black population is There were a lot of civil rights protests here in the early 60s, which drew the attention of the national media. A ton of black Americans were arrested while standing up for their rights, including Martin Luther King Jr. You can bet if there was a Twitter back then, it would’ve blown up. That’s because black people use Twitter more than any other race. We’re going to remain in the south as we come to our fourth blackest city in America, Miami Gardens.

This is a suburb of Miami. Here in Miami Gardens, the black population is So you can expect to hear a lot of cuban music and rap here. Why rap? Because it’s one of the most popular musical styles of black Americans. What famous black rappers are from Florida? Well, there’s Flo Rida to start.

Here in Memphis, the black population is Additionally, Memphis has the second most black Americans of any other US city, at more than , Memphis is home to the place where Dr Martin Luther King was filled. It was one of the worst days in American history. The National Civil Rights Museum is also here. That’s a very important place. Alright, so it’s time to pile into the car and drive pretty far this time.

It took a while, but here we are, pulling into Baltimore. As the sixth blackest city in America, Baltimore is Also interesting of note is that about 1, more black Americans leave Baltimore than come in every year. Where are they moving? Moving on, good news again – we’re not gonna have to drive very far at all to get to our next blackest city in the USA, Montgomery, Alabama.

Here in Montgomery, the black population is Montgomery also has a 6. And of course, Montgomery is home to the Montgomery bus boycott back in It was started by Rosa Parks, who refused to go to the back of the bus. The bus boycott drew a lot of attention, and lasted an entire year. As such, eventually, it helped get the buses desegregated. Our next blackest state in America, New Orleans has an african american population of That’s actually slightly lower than it was 10 years ago, despite the fact that 50, blacks moved to New Orleans in the last decade.

That means New Orleans is growing fast, and it’s attracting many different races. Now, New Orleans definitely has a long and storied black history. New Orleans is home to jazz music, which was invented by the black community. The food here is also heavily influenced by the black population. Gumbo was brought to America from West Africa. Same goes for religion and clothing. In fact, when the slaves came to New Orleans a long time ago, all of the various tribes and cultural backgrounds melted into one big mix of different African cultures.

What about dance? Popular black dance styles are tap dance, the cakewalk, the charleston, the jitterbug, popping, locking, the worm, the electric slide. Moving on, we’re going to visit our next blackest city in America. Let’s drive to the ninth most african american city in America, Shreveport, Louisiana. Here in Shreveport, the black population is That is 1. There are a handful of cities in Louisiana that rank high on this list. We finish our tour of the blackest cities in America in Augusta, Georgia.

Now, seeing as Georgia is the third blackest state, this isn’t a surprise. In Augusta, the black population is That’s 7. Let’s be real – Georgia is a very black state. So, Georgia has three of the 13 blackest cities. To put that into perspective, America’s least black city in America is Jackson, Wyoming, which is. There are 9, people in Jackson, which means there are only 38 African Americans in this entire place. Next 10 Cities. When we analyze what it’s like to live in a certain place, we simply look at statistics.

In particular, we can look to the recently released American Community Survey for a detailed breakdown of race by city. We then ranked each city from 1 to in terms of that percentage with the city having the highest overall percentage being named the “City In America with the Largest African American population” — Jackson, MS. You can download the data here. The “least African American” city according to the data? That would be Brownsville, TX which is only 0.

And for those playing at home, here’s a look at the least African American cities in America:. African American Cities In Alaska.

African American Cities In Alabama. African American Cities In Arkansas. African American Cities In Arizona.


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