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Where to go swimming in asheville nc
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The West coast may have hot springs and glacier-fed lakes, but here in the sultry Southeast we have our swimming holes—and we’re damn proud of them. Just listen to the Top 40 Country Countdown: people are always jumping into water, fishing in the holler, lying by the creek and drinking cold beers down by the river. A summer spent fully immersed in mountain-fed pools would be a fine summer indeed. Here are five of the coolest and coldest swimming holes within two hours of Asheville.

You will shoot sixty feet down a perfectly smooth rock face, fueled by more than 11, gallons of cascading water, into a pool that is six feet deep and shockingly cold. This could be the perfect conclusion to a long day of mountain biking in the Pisgah National Forest. As one might expect, this natural water park is extremely popular during the scorching Appalachian summers. A lifeguard is on duty between Memorial Day and Labor day, between the hours of 10am-6pm.

If big crowds and long lines are not your cup of sweet iced tea, then make sure to visit Sliding Rock outside of these hours. This may come as a disappointment for some and a relief to others, but Skinny Dip Falls is not actually a clothing-optional swimming hole. Waterfalls, jumping-off rocks, a deep plunge pool, and shallow areas for wading make it a very popular swimming spot.

If you’re determined to go au naturel , there are plenty of secluded spots to be found by exploring upstream. Some of the best cliff jumping in the Southeast can be found in Cherokee National Forest, not quite two hours outside of Asheville. A series of curving back roads and a steep, mile-long hike will lead you to the base of Compression Falls—also known as Twisted or Twisting Falls—a 40 foot curtain of cascading water on the beautiful Elk River. Although this area is becoming increasingly popular, its remote setting and steep access trail keeps the massive summer crowds at bay.

A wide pool beneath the falls is ideal for swimming and sun bathing, and there are plenty of cliffs and jumping rocks to keep you entertained. Thrill seekers can find quite the adrenaline rush not to mention photo op by sliding directly over the falls into the pool. While lots of people do this, be aware that any time you willingly or unwillingly plunge off of a waterfall, you are risking bodily harm.

There have been a few unfortunate incidents of severe injuries resulting from people going over the falls. Find a map here. DuPont State Forest is a complete, all-in-one summertime destination. Hikers and mountain bikers will enjoy over one hundred miles of multi-use trails, including the sweet, soaring downhill of Ridgeline Trail, the exposed, sun-beaten Slick-Rock Trail, and the many spectacular waterfalls for which the forest is best known.

No day of exploration is complete in this natural playground without taking a dip in the pool beneath Hooker Falls—the only waterfall in DuPont that is safe for swimming. Explore the misty chasm behind the pounding veil of the fall, plunge off the rope swing, or float in the languid downstream waters. Because the pool is part of Cascade Lake, there is no current or downstream waterfalls to watch out for.

Hooker Falls are a mere quarter mile from the parking lot, so bring a floaty, a cooler, and stay ’til your waterlogged.

Park in the Hooker Falls Parking Area. Port-a-johns available in the parking lot. The forest closes at 10pm. The mountain-chilled, emerald water of Midnight Hole provides a refreshing oasis from the oppressive humidity of a Carolina Summer.

This swimming hole, studded with jump rocks and fed by a small waterfall, is one of the many natural treasures you can find hidden away in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Melina Coogan Made Possible by. Skinny Dip Falls Jenn Deane This may come as a disappointment for some and a relief to others, but Skinny Dip Falls is not actually a clothing-optional swimming hole.

Midnight Hole Melina Coogan The mountain-chilled, emerald water of Midnight Hole provides a refreshing oasis from the oppressive humidity of a Carolina Summer.


Swimming Holes Around Asheville Offer Cool Spots to Chill Out.


The trailheads at Panthertown Valley in Nantahala National Forest are a bit off-the-beaten-track compared to some of the other popular spots. The hike down to the waterfall which, naturally, means climbing back up is 2.

But to reward you for your efforts, Schoolhouse Falls is a stunning waterfall you can walk behind. In front of the falls is an amazing boulder-strewn pool of clear mountain water that is a ridiculously cool place for North Carolina swimming at its finest! Accessible from the Looking Glass Overlook at Milepost , the site features small cliffs for plunging into the pool, a cascade of fresh mountain water into it, and no entry fee.

This setting looks deceptively tropical, but it is often shut down in the wintertime due to snow and ice. Technically, the Sliding Rock Recreation Area does have a swimming hole or, more appropriately, a plunge pool at the base of it. But most visitors come here for the natural rock slide. Swimming, in the sporty sense of the word, will be minimal here. But Sliding Rock offers lots of fun and a great place to cool off.

Swimming holes in and around Asheville are the perfect answer. While the swimming hole — along a stretch of the Swannanoa River that borders the park — is not officially maintained by the city, it draws a crowd with its light current, perfect for a refreshing stop on a hot day.

Bonus: There are bathrooms and a playground at the park, so you can make a day of your dip. Swimming is safest when water levels are low. Paradise Falls , Canada Rd.

Caution: The hike to the falls is steep and very challenging, and you should never attempt to climb the falls and jump off. Silver Run Falls , Cashiers Free Chill out on the beach by this ft fall that cascades into a calm swimming pool. The area is busiest from p.

Turtleback Falls , Grassy Ridge Rd. The hike in and back is 3. This beautiful waterfall setting has multiple cascades and a swimming hole with a rope swing for diving!

It’s about a half mile hike from the parking area. Fawn Lake and Lake Julia are great swimming holes, too. Extend your hike to a 5-mile loop for mountaintop views and another waterfall. Popular camping area. This popular hiking area on the Blue Ridge Parkway has two waterfalls. Upper Falls is on a four-mile loop trail in the mile-high meadow. Located near Beech Mountain and Banner Elk is a ft.

Just below the pool is a popular summer spot for swimming and sunning on the rocks. This popular summer swimming hole in Banner Elk includes a white sandy beach, swimming pier and fishing dock.

The adjacent Tufts Memorial Park has a bath house and picnic tables. Owned by the Grandfather Home for Children. No admission fee, but they appreciate donations. Nearby, camp, picnic, hike and mountain bike. It’s family-friendy but a 2. Be advised though: all these modern amenities sand included come both at the monetary price mentioned above, and a greater concentration of fellow swimmers.

Its more of a traditional beach-experience than a mountaineering expedition. Now technically, the Green River is more suited for tubing and kayaking than swimming but its close enough I see no problem with drawing it into this discussion. Back to the topic at hand. Forty-five minutes. Sliding Rock is a local classic if there ever was one.


Where to go swimming in asheville nc –

Hillcrest Hideaway 3.


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