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What are the best universities for animation
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The rapid growth of technology means that future career options in animation will only grow. From creating website graphics in After Effects to recreating a crime scene from iPhone photos, successful animators bring images to life in real time. As animation continues to grow across industries, many animation schools offer animation degrees. However, not all animation schools provide the same level of knowledge.

The following top animation schools all have the following criteria:. All the animation schools on this list are also accredited. This indicates that the school meets or exceeds criteria that indicate excellence in education. Animation studios are more likely to choose a candidate who has graduated from one of these schools over one who has not. The sign of excellent animation programs are those with notable alumni who have been recognized in their field. Consider tools like:. You will train on the most up-to-date animation software and hardware used by professional animators to create visual art.

Animation majors must also complete two anatomy courses to complete the program, which will help you understand the full muscle and bone system. This cross-platform foundation equips graduates for success in character animation, making SVA NYC one of the top animation programs.

Like many colleges for animation , the curriculum at the MassArt exposes students to a variety of animation techniques. You will study areas such as:. This animation degree prepares students into well-rounded animators when they seek employment after graduation. The program allows students to engage in conventional as well as experimental techniques throughout their studies.

It is also accredited by the Northeast Association of Schools and Colleges. The program explores the many different methods for using animation in the filmmaking industry.

Students at this top animation school in Florida work with the most current technology available in the animation world and begin working with 2D animation software from the first class they take in the program. Students are provided instruction in the Adobe creative suite of animation tools, like Photoshop and After Effects.

They are prepared for essential animating tasks like:. Courses include 3D, texturing, visual effects, and more to give the student a well-rounded background in animation. FSU alumni include:. Laguna College of Art and Design is one of the best animation schools in California. It offers an animation degree program that is dedicated to training exceptional storytellers. Students develop their skills using the latest tools, including Adobe Animate and open-source animation software with advanced features.

Students are taught by instructors with professional experience in the animation industry. They help prepare young animators for a career in the field. Graduates have found employment at well-known animation studios like:. It highlighs the best work from the animation department. Guest instructors have included:. The college is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Animation majors take courses like physically based animation, computer graphics, automata, and 3D to provide as much knowledge to students as possible.

Ohio State University is among the colleges with animation majors. Ohio State offers both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Arts and Technology. It includes a concentration in animation. Students develop knowledge and skills in many aspects of animation:. In addition to their major, students are required to complete a rigorous liberal arts component as part of their degree program. Ohio State is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Notable alumni include Charles Scuri, considered the father of digital art and computer animation.

It offers a BA degree in both traditional and computer animation. It has seven concentration options, including a New Media Art stream.

In this program, students can learn 2D animation, 3D animation, and essential technical animation skills. It has eight concentrations and provides instruction on several critical animation concepts. Classes are available only on campus. It teaches students the technical aspects of game design and the animation techniques used for developing video games.

Students taking this in-person, hour undergraduate animation program should be able to complete it within four years. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts. It has a hour animation concentration option. Undergraduate students in this program will learn art history, character design, and essential animation concepts over the course of four years.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Design. The BFA in Game Design degree is an in-person program designed to produce creative animators for the gaming industry.

After four years, students enrolled in this semester hour program will have a solid knowledge of interactive design for video games and other forms of digital media. This graduate program lasts three years and teaches game art, interactive media, and other animation topics within a multidisciplinary environment. This three-year, credit associate degree program at Rochester Institute of Technology teaches students the fundamentals of 3D digital media art. This program is conducted on campus and includes collaborative projects.

It is a credit course and is available as an on-campus program. It is provided on campus and covers subjects such as motion animation and experimental animation. Understanding the world of audio-visual entertainment is essential for students who want to work on animated films or television projects. The BA in Film and Television degree is a four-year, unit, on-campus program that teaches filmmaking, editing, and animation. Bachelor of Arts in Design Media Arts. This undergraduate program provides a deep dive into the basics of media arts.

It also includes courses on game design and 3D modeling for animation. It is provided on campus and takes four years to complete. It is designed for media artists with visual art, science, or engineering backgrounds to help develop their skills and improve the quality of their work. University of California, Los Angeles Animation Key Takeaway The University of California, Los Angeles, is a highly reputable school providing quality education in animation and other in-demand forms of digital media.

Students will learn computer science, interactive media, and animation concepts. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Arts and Sciences. This is a four-year, credit undergraduate program that provides students with a foundation in liberal arts concepts, game design, and animation. It is taught exclusively on campus. All classes are delivered on campus. University of Florida Animation Key Takeaway University of Florida is a research-focused university that delivers world-class animation programs for budding industry professionals.

The BSE Digital Media Design program is a course-unit degree covering game design, animation, and computer graphics design. It takes four years to complete this program and all lectures are delivered on campus. This four-year degree is delivered on campus and students must take 52 credits of major courses. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art. Students enrolled in this on-campus, four-year undergraduate program will learn visual development techniques for video games. This credit program for prospective game designers includes courses on interactive design and 2D animation.

The MFA in Animation and Digital Arts program is a three-year, unit graduate program that teaches students interactive animation principles. This program is only offered on campus and prepares students to become industry professionals in the animation space. Masters of Fine Arts in Interactive Media. With this graduate degree, animation students will learn about various aspects of interactive media design, including 3D animation techniques for character development.

The MFA in Interactive Media program is a credit program that lasts for three years and is taught on campus. This PhD program supports graduate students in carrying out in-depth research on a broad range of cinematic arts topics, including animation. Students explore topics at the intersection of art, media, and critical thinking in a creative research environment, and can specialize in topics like sound design for animation, digital animation and motion arts, or entertainment arts.

This credit undergraduate certificate program lasts for less than a year and covers rudimentary animation subjects such as visual communication, character rigging, rendering, and basic 3D animation. Students enrolled in this program can take their classes either on-campus or online.

Associate of Science in Digital Media. This credit associate degree program equips students with the technical skills to secure animation and digital media jobs. This degree can be obtained in two years and admitted students can learn either on campus or online. Bachelor of Science in Animation and 3D. It provides courses on concept development, advanced motion graphics, and 3D texture.

This program also offers an accelerated option with a graduate certificate in technology project management. Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development.

This credit program is provided only on-campus and spans four years. Students enrolled in this program will be taught the principles of game design, including animation-based concepts. Animation Community College Certificate. Animation Associate Degree. Animation Graduate Certificate. Animation Doctorate. Best Animation Associate Degree Jobs. Best Animation Doctorate Jobs. Best Internships for Animation Students. Will I need to work with software tools in animation school?

Can I learn animation with online courses? How do I determine the best animation career path? Do I need a degree to become an animator? Rate this Article.

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For Animation 37 in the World. University of Utah United States Utah. For Animation 38 in the World. For Animation 39 in the World. Enrollment 12, For Animation 40 in the World. For Animation 41 in the World. For Animation 42 in the World. University of Edinburgh United Kingdom Scotland. For Animation 43 in the World. For Animation 44 in the World. For Animation 45 in the World. Bournemouth University United Kingdom England.

For Animation 46 in the World. Enrollment 14, For Animation 47 in the World. Enrollment 42, Geneva College United States Pennsylvania.

For Animation 48 in the World. For Animation 49 in the World. For Animation 50 in the World. For Animation 51 in the World. Tsinghua University China Beijing. For Animation 52 in the World. Enrollment 48, University of Tubingen Germany Baden-Wurttemberg. For Animation 53 in the World. Vanderbilt University United States Tennessee.

For Animation 54 in the World. University of Montreal Canada Quebec State. For Animation 55 in the World. For Animation 56 in the World. University of Southampton United Kingdom England. For Animation 57 in the World. For Animation 58 in the World. For Animation 59 in the World. University of Sussex United Kingdom England. For Animation 60 in the World. Enrollment 17, For Animation 61 in the World. Enrollment 38, Utrecht University Netherlands Utrecht.

For Animation 62 in the World. Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands Eindhoven. For Animation 63 in the World.

Enrollment 7, For Animation 64 in the World. University of Oregon United States Oregon. For Animation 65 in the World. For Animation 66 in the World. University of Pittsburgh United States Pennsylvania. For Animation 67 in the World. For Animation 68 in the World. Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands Rotterdam. For Animation 69 in the World. Enrollment 22, University of Stuttgart Germany Baden-Wurttemberg.

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The 20 Best Animation Schools and Degree Programs – College Rank – Dan Karleen


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What are the best universities for animation

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