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What jobs can you get at 14 in rhode island
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Rhode Island may be a small state as far as square miles go, but there are plenty of things to do packed into that small space! Teens in Rhode Island should have no trouble keeping busy, starting with the miles of coastline and coastal bikeway. With an unemployment rate of 5. With that being said, if you’re under 16 years of age and don’t have a work permit, please select the appropriate age below to find jobs that suit your age group.

If you’re under 16 years old, your job options are different. Please select your age below: 11 12 13 14 Vendor List Privacy Policy. Jobs For Teens in Rhode Island. We are located on 16 West Main Street. Our ideal candidate is self-driven Location: Providence Company Name: Sodexo. Job Description: Deep cleans food and beverage equipment coffee machines, soda and juice dispensers, ice bins Job Description: This Summer we will be adding camp instructors as well.

Compensation The compensation for this Performance and theatre experience a plus How to Apply To apply, please go to our website Please


Minimum Legal Age to Work in Rhode Island: How Old?


Even though these types of jobs are low-stress and require little experience, they may require an individual who is very responsible. Working as a babysitter requires a great deal of responsibility, patience, and leadership when it comes to taking care of children. Through the course of a day, a babysitter will prepare meals, provide educational material, offer activities, or ensure hygiene in children while their parents are away.

The experience of working as a babysitter can be carried into career paths such as nursing, childhood education, handicap care, or care for the elderly.

Of course, with the well-being of a child at stake, there are some laws or guidelines that might prohibit a 14 year old from becoming a babysitter. In most cases, the parents of the children that require supervision is responsible for determining if the babysitter is suitable. Check your state child care laws for specific details or restrictions regarding supervision requirements. While away or on vacation, some pet owners hire people to feed, watch, groom, or care for their animals in their home.

The pet sitter may offer other small services for the household such as collecting mail or watering plants. According to Petsitter. Specific conditions such as holidays or additional pets may be subject to small fees or charges by the pet sitter. Choosing a job as a pet sitter early on can help 14 year olds develop animal husbandry skills which will help them build a career as a pet groomer, veterinarian, laboratory animal caretaker, trainer, animal control worker, zoologist, conservationist, or dairy farmer.

One of the best summer jobs for 14 year olds is washing cars as it helps them learn different methods of business advertisement and provides encouragement to be ambitious. The great thing about washing cars is you can set a flexible schedule for when you want to be open for service and it will give you plenty of exercise as you move around the car. As an errand-runner, you have the opportunity to meet with local business people or the elderly and help them with small jobs in exchange for cash.

Some of these jobs may include delivering mail to post offices, picking up mail, or picking up prescriptions from a pharmacy. If you own a bicycle with a carrier basket attached, you can easily skim from one job to the next. Keep in mind, if you live in a rural area or small town, you may not have as much earning potential. Some of the most common places that hire 14 year olds are fast food restaurants or diners.

Here young adults learn the basics of customer service and courtesy by taking orders from customers or answering questions. A restaurant crew member may also be in charge of cleaning up kitchen areas, dining utensils or preparing meals. This type of job requires good time management, organizational skills, and communication.

Being a janitor is one of the many simple jobs for 14 year olds that pay a decent wage and teach them how to care for a work environment. Often as a janitor, you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining a very large building such as a hospital, store, hotel, or school.

This type of job may require excellent time management skills and physical fitness. On average, the U. Bottom Line: the pay rates may be higher depending on which state you live in or the type of facility you work in. Yard management responsibilities may include maintaining lawn mower equipment and weed eaters, mowing lawns, cutting down weeds, and brushing up grass clippings.

Keep in mind, that starting up a lawn care business can be considerably expensive with gas prices or tools to maintain equipment. Caring for lawns will help young adults build references for future jobs through their hard work and may open up career opportunities in landscaping, irrigation, greenhouses, or project managers.

Cleaning houses is a great opportunity to make some extra cash and meet new people in the community. People who clean houses for hire may vacuum floors, clean up trash, do laundry, dishes, dust, or clean windows. Doing a great job and offering customers your number may give you plenty of cleaning opportunities in the future.

There are many farmers with large fields or farms to tend that would be more than happy to pay a 14 year old to work for them.

Some tasks you might help with include feeding livestock, cleaning their pen, fixing fences, bailing hay, picking rocks out of fields, or general farm labor. A golf caddy is responsible for carrying club bags for country club golf members as they traverse around the course. Most golf course loops take around 4 hours to complete or amount to 18 holes in total.

Young adults with a working bicycle can earn money delivering local newspapers around their community. Paper distributors may pay a set amount each week, per paper, or pay an hourly rate. Responsible and alert 14 year olds who love to swim can enjoy a day out in the sun as a lifeguard and make money doing it. A lifeguard must always be alert and ready to help a swimmer if they start to drown. Most public places that hire lifeguards will require teens to take and complete a red cross lifeguard certification class before they become eligible to work.

Bottom Line: the certificate stays valid for two years and must be refreshed after they expire. With excellent grades, some 14 year olds can earn money helping other kids catch up in subjects they are behind in. Typically a tutor will work during the summer to help kids keep their grades up in subjects while school is out or help them prepare for important tests.

Typically, those who excel in specific subjects may be paid more to help others in those areas. If interested in becoming a tutor, teens may want to start by talking to a teacher.

Most teachers can suggest clients or students who are struggling with their grades to connect them with help. A tutor may also advertise their services with flyers posted around their community or on online social media groups.

Young teens that have an interest in gardening could be employed to help someone keep up a small vegetable garden , a hydroponic garden, or even assist in hot house is taken care of flowers. In fact, with the right employer, a young employee can learn on the job. Bottom Line: a fourteen-year-old employed as a gardening assistant can expect to earn about seven to ten dollars per hour of work.

Although child labor laws demand that no child under the age of 16 be allowed to bake, young teens are allowed to work as assistance to cooks in a restaurant. While they might not take on the full duties of a cook, chains 14 and 15 can assist and food preparation and some light cooking duties.

A word of caution. Teens who have absolutely no experience in the kitchen should reconsider this possible job opportunity. Often, very little training will be provided for this position, and the employer will expect the assistant to know his or her way around the kitchen. You could be working with hot food, sharp knives, and ingredients that you may never have heard of before.

So, unless you know a little bit about cooking, this might not be the best position for you. A cook’s assistant typically makes minimum wage. One organization that often hires experience campers to work with younger attendees is the Boy Scouts of America.

Older teens who are experienced campers may have special experience in working with older children who are attending camp for the first time. This makes them in valuable to camp administration as they help younger campers to feel right at home. Teens as young as 14 can work at dishwashers without any restrictions on their work, excluding the number of hours they may work.

For most teams under that age, the employee cannot work over 18 hours per week. Typical salaries for a dishwasher are that of minimum wage. Local grocery stores make a great place for young teens to work. Most mom and pop grocery stores are not open 24 hours a day , and they are accustomed to working around the school schedules of students.

Baggers will also learn social skills while interacting with people from all Socio economic backgrounds. Baggers have to work with the cashier as they say in groceries down a conveyor belt to the bagger. Baggers must learn how to work quickly, wow they are ensuring that they do not damage any of the groceries they are bagging.

Bottom Line: they may meet people who are very picky about the way their groceries are bag, and they made may learn to be flexible and accommodate this type of customer. At the same time, They may also encounter people who are simply grateful to be able to purchase groceries. Being around people of so many different backgrounds will be a great life lesson for young grocery baggers. Teens as young as 14 can work as a host or hostess for a more upscale restaurant.

This is another great job for learning how to work with the public. Again, I host or hostess may encounter people from all walks of life as they work at this job. They may meet people who are very kind and who are appreciative of their help, but they may also meet some people who do not treat restaurant staff with very much dignity.

Again, this is a great life lesson on dealing with difficult people. Restaurant crew members typically make minimum wage. Young teens with a knack for creativity can learn how to arrange flowers and work alongside a professional florist.

Bonus points for learning how to answer the phone and take orders in addition to decorating duties. Because the law typically allows for no more than 18 hours per work week, the hours of a movie theater are perfectly conducive to this type of work. Bottom Line: this works well for teens who are in school. Younger teens who are too old to still play Little League sports but not yet old enough for varsity or athletics can still be a part of sporting activities.

All those soccer is played in the fall, working for the youth league as an umpire for either baseball or softball is a great summer job that does not demand a great number of a child hours in order to complete. This is yet another example of a job that does not demand many hours from a young teen, but the job allows for decent pay at a limited amount of effort. Plus, if you are interested in web design, you might not even view this job as actual work. It will be fun that you are getting paid to have.

There is not a definitive salary for online web designers; most clients pay based on the experience of the designer. Although many freelance writing positions do require applicants to have a bachelors degree, there are some websites that allow for individuals who are simply good riders to take writing jobs.

The pay is also often more than 18 would make doing manual labor search as mowing lawns or washing cars for a lot less effort. Some freelancers are paid per word; they may make two cents to five cents per word. Speaking of manual labor, young teens who want to earn some extra cash while enjoying the great outdoors can always do a little snow shoveling.

Approach an older neighbor that might not be too keen on shoveling his or her own snow, and offer your services. You might also contact the adult children of elderly neighbors. These adult children might pay you to come and shovel the sidewalk and walkways of their parents so that they will not have to take time out of their own busy schedules to make sure this chore is done. The pay for this job is often at the discretion of the property owner, but young entrepreneurs are encouraged to negotiate for higher pay.

Again, this form of manual labor is one jar that many adults will gladly pay someone to do for them!


14 Year Old Jobs in Rhode Island | Jobs2Careers.

By following the laws, younger workers can earn safely and gain experience. You must be 14 years old to work legally in Rhode Island. Jobs in which youth. There are over teen careers in Providence, RI waiting for you to apply! No previous work necessary, we will train you! $14 – $15 an hour. Teen Jobs in Rhode Island · Dishwasher · Prep Cook · Host/Hostess · Expeditor · Line Cook · Crew Member · Night Time Front Team Member · Night Time Kitchen Member.


What jobs can you get at 14 in rhode island

Individuals may work up to eight hours in a single day.

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